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Electronic Advertising Boards

What We Do  -  Products and Services


Industrial equipment repair

Ремонт оборудования

Repair and modernization of production equipment automation and electronics. Management

and distribution cabinet design, manufacture and installation.

Electronic billboards

Электронные табло

Manufacture and repair of electronic light boards, sports boards and signs

Full spectrum LED lamps


LED lamps for growing plants and flowers, aquariums, etc. according to the customer's requirements

Electronic equipment repair

Ремонт электроники

PLC (programmable logic controller) installation and programming. Management

and modernization of automation systems.

Advertising displays

Рекламные табло

Illuminated advertising (including dynamic, large - format LED   screens, lines of text)

Fountain control systems

Lighting solutions

Управление фантанами
Осветительные решения

Development, programming, installation, maintenance of fountain lighting and control system

Electronic clock

Various LED solutions for the interior. Lighting - for shops, museums, exhibitions.

Gas station LED displays

Электронные часы
Табло автозаправок

Manufacture of digital LED clocks (incl. Large size)

Production, installation, repair of filling station signs

Walls of air


Air bubble walls and panels for interior


About Us

SIA "Kiwi Systems" company was founded in 2009.


The company was engaged in the manufacture and repair of electrical equipment. 

We manufacture and repair electronic clocks, electrical panels, printing equipment. 

We repair and modernize electronics and automation production equipment (install and program with the PLC method).

We make light panels for advertisements and signs.

производство и ремонт электроники - Kiwi systems, SIA





Kiwi systems, SIA

Address: Senču 4, Riga, LV-1012
+371 29408066

Working time

P. - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00
S. - Sun: free

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